European Lime Hardwood

Latin Name: Tilia Vugaris

A subtle shade of yellow-white in colour, European Lime wood is straight-grained and useful for a variety of applications that do not require significant strength. Lime timber has a fine, firm and close texture and is a very easily worked wood that does not split. Weight averages 540 kg/m³ (34 lb/ft³)

European temperate hardwood is popular among craftsmen due to its suitability for carving and model making. It has a high level workability due to its soft texture and light weight. It also turns well and can easily be nailed, glued, stained and polished.

Other Lime timber uses include musical instruments, plywood, cutting boards and furniture and storage pieces which don’t require significant strength, such as coat stands.

     Small                   Good                Good

 Non-Durable             540kg/m3

** For symbol explanation see 'Timber Terminology' below

Product information

  • Woodcarving
  • Broom handles
  • Toys
  • Turnery
  • Decorative veneer



Stock sizes are 25mm to 120mm thick 150mm+ wider 2.150m+ longer.

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