Thermo Meranti

Noawood Thermo Meranti

Noawood is a sustainably sourced Malaysian Meranti that has undergone a toxin free, thermal modification treatment.  The resulting product has properties similar to Western Red Cedar or Iroko, with Class 2 durability and excellent dimensional stability.

Product information


Exterior cladding



Exterior furniture



22 x 100

22 x 125

22 x 150

50 x 50

Lengths 2.15m – 6.65m

Technical information

Toxin Free :
As only heat and water vapour are used under high pressure, no toxic chemicals are part of the process.

Dimensional Stability :
By reducing the equilibrium moisture content, the timber becomes more stable dimensionally, retaining its shape far better than untreated wood.

Durable :
Insufficient nutrients remain after the breakdown of hemicellulose (sugar chains) during treatment, inhibiting the growth of fungi.  The result is better durability.

Quality :
The thermal treatment creates a uniform dark colour, enhancing wood grain and providing a smoother finish after varnishing.  The superior woodworking properties are also boosted.

Thermal Modification

Noawood’s thermal modification subjects premium kiln-dried Meranti to temperatures above 170 C and pressure between 6-9 bar. The entire process takes up to 30 hours and after completion, the final moisture content is around 4-6%, resulting in enhanced dimensional stability and a lighter weight, making it ideal for cladding.

Changes to the cell wall structures of the wood increase the durability to class 2, and with a density of 420 kg/m3, it is equivalent to Western Red Cedar.

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