Douglas Fir Softwood

Latin Name: Pseudotsuga menziesi syn. P.taxifolia

No.2 & 3 Clear & Better Kiln Dried 2.4m & Longer

Also known as British Columbian Pine and Oregon Pine, the heartwood is a light reddish-brown shade, which distinguishes itself from the pale-coloured sapwood.  Clear timber or baulks of large dimension in long lengths.

    Small                    Good                    Good

 Moderate              530kg/m3


** For symbol explanation see 'Timber Terminology' below



Product information

  • Construction work
  • Flooring
  • Boat building
  • Gymnastics equipment
  • Furniture
  • Internal & external joinery

25mm x 150mm & Wider
38mm x 150mm & Wider
50mm x 150mm & Wider
63mm x 150mm & Wider
75mm x 150mm & Wider
100mm x 150mm & Wider

50mm x 100mm Vertical Grain
50mm x 125mm Vertical Grain
50mm x 150mm Vertical Grain
50mm x 200mm Vertical Grain
63mm x 125mm Vertical Grain
63mm x 150mm Vertical Grain

150mm x 150mm Air Dried

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